Our Design Process

Our design process begins from the time you commitment to work with us and ends at the time you approve the design for construction.

Designed to endure

Your design will be provided to you in high-end professional 3-D renderings as well as 2-D drawings. Walk-through 3-D videos are also available. We will provide you with drawings and engineering data needed for permit application.

City permits are always required and they protect you. Among some of the protections they afford you they help in the later sale of your home, in satisfying insurance requirements and in knowing that your pool has been inspected and approved by your city. You will apply for permit(s) as owner-builder and communicate with your city and inspectors throughout the process. We will provide you with the documentation required.

HOA approval is also required where applicable. This process varies by neighborhood and is usually less formal than your city’s approval process. HOA approval is usually done first as their prior approval may be required by the city in order to process your permit application.