Tropical Hillside Paradise

This design required custom grading and engineering and retaining walls to maximize space and integrate the pool in the hillside of this custom lot.


  • Natural design
  • Baja shelf with bubblers
  • Stamped concrete decking
  • Multi-tiered, multi-speed waterfall/grotto
  • Custom water slide
  • Custom placed umbrella sleeves
  • Raised negative edge spa with step-up decking
  • Dual variable-speed pumps
  • LED multi-color lights
  • Programmable automation system linked to phone app
  • In-floor cleaning system
  • Auto-fill system
  • Salt cell
  • Sense & Dispense chemistry automation system

This pool also has pop-up cleaners, a salt cell and a chemistry dispensing unit which monitors and dispenses chemicals as needed. The homeowner uses a robotic vacuum in lieu of light sweeping. The need of a pool man was eliminated creating an additional savings of $150.00–200.00 a month.