Pool Building 101

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

What makes us unique

What is owner-build?
An owner-builder is someone who owns a property and acts as their own contractor. Some cities will have you indicate ‘owner-build’ in the contractor portion of the permit application.
How does owner-build save me money?
By acting as your own contractor you approve contractor bids and scheduling eliminating the middle-man.
How does owner-build save time?
You schedule contractors on your timeline that rather than at the convenience of a pool company. You can schedule them much closer together than pool companies can resulting in a much shorter build time.
Is owner-build right for me?
Most people who opt for owner-build enjoy getting their hands dirty and have flexible schedules. This makes them available to handle the daily details of scheduling and managing the building of their pool. All people who opt for owner-build want the same pool for much less money and want it done in less time.
Is owner-build wrong for me?
If you work away from home full time and/or have a busy family life you would be better served by hiring a pool company. There are many reputable pool builders but most of them are severely backlogged. You will have to pay full premium and proceed on their timeline.
Is Aquascapes a pool contractor?
No. Aquascapes is not a pool contractor. We do not accept money for or from any contractors or trades. Aquascapes is a designer and private pool building coach who helps customers build their pools in less time and for a substantial savings.
Can Aquascapes manage the building of my pool?
Yes. We are happy to coordinate the building phases of your pool for you for an additional fee. We can also coordinate with city and other inspectors to help you obtain permits and clear underground utilities.

Design Process

What is the design Process?
The design process begins from the time you initially commitment to work with us to the time you approve the design for construction.
How will I see my pool design?
Your design will be provided to you in high-end professional 3-D renderings as well as 2-D drawings. Walk-through 3-D videos are also available.
Can I make changes to the design?
Yes. Reasonable changes and improvements may be made throughout the design process. However, once your design has been submitted for permits it is in your best interest not to make changes as the drawings and engineering data become official construction documents and are required to pass city inspection throughout the build process.
Who will provide my drawing package?
We will provide you with drawings and engineering data needed for permit application.
Do I need city permits and who submits them?
Yes. City permits are required and they protect you. Among other protections they help you in the later sale of your home and in satisfying insurance requirements. You will apply for permit(s) as owner-builder and communicate with your city and inspectors throughout the process. We will provide you with the documentation required.
Do I need approval from my HOA?
Yes. This process varies by neighborhood and is usually less formal than your city’s process. HOA approval is usually done first as their prior approval may be required by the city in order to process your permit application.
Should I go with salt water or fresh water?
Salt water pools have the advantage of being ‘self-regulated’. A salt cell and acid dispenser are installed inline and manage most of your pool’s chemical requirements.
What pool cleaning options are available for me?

The most popular cleaning devices are vacuums, pop-ups and robots.

Vacuums have been around the longest time but are cumbersome and difficult to move around.

Pop-ups are very reliable and push dirt toward the floor drain during nightly cleaning cycles. They are an up-front investment but reduce the need for manual cleaning.

Robots are the latest addition and are often used to supplement vacuums or pop-ups. They are also an investment but most do a great job in reducing the dirt that’s left.

Even using the above devices you’ll still need to do light sweeping with an extended brush as well as brush and treat your waterline tile to keep it looking its best. Cleaning your skimmer basket weekly is also recommended to clean out leaves and surface debris.

Will I need to hire a pool cleaning service?
It depends on the time that you can commit to basic weekly upkeep and the price you’re willing to pay to have someone else to do it for you. Pool cleaning services are expensive. However, we can design a system for you that will drastically cut down the need for chemicals and cleaning. Leaving you with light maintenance and saving you the monthly cost of a service.

Build Process

How do I get contractor estimates?
We will help you get binding written bids from reputable licensed and bonded contracting companies for each phase of your project. Many of these companies have done thousands of pools locally and have excellent working relationships with each other resulting in good ‘hand-off’.
How do I select the right contracting companies?
You pick the contracting companies that you feel are right for each phase of your job. Pricing is often close between bids so you may pick a company based on reputation, incentive or availability.
Who pays the contracting companies?
You pay all contracting companies directly. Many of them will require a deposit with a signed bid at the time of scheduling. AS™ does not accept fees or commissions from contracting companies.
How are contracting companies scheduled?
We will provide you with an estimated target schedule. However, you will schedule contracting companies based on their availability and your convenience.
When is the pool finished and ready to be filled with water?
You are ready for water once the interior pool finish has been applied and acid washed. Filling the pool is often started the same day or the day after the interior finishing process is complete and can take several hours or a couple of days depending on the size of your new pool.

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