What is owner-build?

As an owner-builder you own your property and you act as your own contractor. Some cities will have you indicate ‘owner-build’ in the contractor portion of the permit application. Hence, the name.

Is owner-build right for me?

Most people who opt for owner-build enjoy getting their hands dirty and have flexible schedules. This makes them available to handle the daily details of scheduling and managing the building of their pool. They are always people who want the same pool for much less money and who want it done in less time.

By acting as your own contractor you approve contractor bids and scheduling and effectively eliminate the middle-man.

You schedule contractors on your timeline rather than at the convenience of a pool company. You can schedule them much closer together than pool companies can resulting in a much shorter build time. We can also coordinate the building phase of your pool for an additional fee.

If you work away from home full time and/or have a busy family life you would probably be best served by hiring a pool company. There are many reputable pool builders to choose from but most of them are severely backlogged. You will also pay full premium and will have to proceed on their timeline.