A deep dive

We started AS because we love pools. As an architectural designer I see every project for all it can be. How is this project going to interact with its surroundings and with the people who will be using it? How do I inform the user where to enter and how to use it? These were some of the questions I was asking myself when I decided to add a pool to my home.

The personal touch

After researching the pool building process, getting bids from pool companies and consulting with many pool owners, there were common threads among most pool owners who I spoke with. These common threads were frustration, confrontation, submission and a feeling of loss of control. Ultimately, they were left feeling frustrated and were just glad that the whole process was over. Not to mention, they were left with a full premium bill.

After doing extensive research I decided to design my own pool and hire contracting companies to build each stage. In doing so I not only ended up with the pool I wanted but I saved about 35% from the pool builder estimates and saved about five months in build time. I was enjoying my pool in June when I wanted it. Rather than in November when they estimated its completion.

Many pool companies are reputable and capable. However, many of them also build hundreds or even thousands of pools a year and are backlogged as a result. Many of the superintendents are responsible for managing several dozen projects on a daily basis and do their best to fit you in as they are able. Furthermore, their contracts are very binding. If you get frustrated and decide to finish the job or even part of a job on your own you will likely be in violation of your contract.

In summary we started AS for you. We love pools and we enjoy the design-build process. We love helping people navigate these waters and helping them save thousands of dollars while doing so. If you’re interested in saving thousands of dollars on your pool and would like to have a say in the process, we can help you too.